Tori Cawley - Visionary Photographer creating through a lens of Fantasy & Strangeness


Tori Cawley

Visionary Photographer creating through a lens of Fantasy and Strangeness

Photograph: Tori Cawley

The photographer behind the lens of most NyLaurent #FoodAndFashion Content, Tori Cawley’s photography style is an interesting mix of Fantasy and Eccentric elements that distinctly sets the presidency for imaginative landscape.

Learn more about what inspires Tori….

What inspired you to become a photographer?

 Creating things from scratch has always been a pleasure of mine. I never quite mastered drawing the human form so when I discovered that I could still create the images in my head by compositing photos I was hooked. I started creating collages with the photos I took and it grew from there.  

What makes your photography distinctive? 

 For me, sometimes reality just isn't enough, I like to bring an element of fantasy and strangeness to all of my photos, whether it be creepy or light-hearted. Even my self-portraits are eccentric versions of myself that I imagine live in parallel universes.  

Who are other photographers that inspire you? 

 Nadia Lee Cohen, hands down my favorite for her exaggerated yet elegant aesthetic and her satire of American lifestyles. Tim Walker is an amazing storyteller and brings amazing fantasy worlds to life. Lastly, I am always inspired by the sci-fi & mixed media that Dana Trippe brings to life. 

How do you plan on using photography to step into the next evolution for life? 

 My latest project is creating an online magazine platform to interview and appreciate up and coming photographers with an underground style. As a photographer and art lover myself, I think getting to see into the brilliant minds of the people who create art that moves us is just as important as seeing their photos. So my hopes are that my photography will help me launch this project and bring light to other amazing artists of all mediums and create a community