Fulvio Bonavia: Food & 'High-Fashion' photography Pioneer

When it comes to food and fashion, award-winning Editorial Photographer, Fulvio Bonavia created a book named “A matter of taste”, a bespoke way of uniting the conflicting worlds of “Food & High Fashion”.  Through the use of great lighting, illustration, transparency and retouching, these pieces have an undeniable style of their own that project a priceless quality only seen before in exceptional pieces from a museum. If High-end fashion garments and accessories could sustain food being the main construction material, it would look exactly like the images Fulvio Bonavia captured. Walnut dress by Louis Vuitton, lettuce dress by Alexander McQueen, Citrus by Prada, just to name a few…. 

Published in 2012, yet timeless expressions of Food and Fashion.

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