Monica Cargile - Senior Fashion Editor for "A BOOK OF" magazine


NyLaurent Wardrobe featured in VULKAN Magazine, styled by Senior Fashion Editor Monica Cargile.

Checkout Monica’s take on styling misconceptions and her journey to becoming a Senior Fashion Editor…

NYLAURENT: Did you always have a love for clothing and a desire to be in the fashion industry?

MC: Not at all, lol! I actually wanted to be a Psychologist when I was younger. Since hind sight is 20/20, I do look back and realize that I always had an eye for fashion though. As a child, I would love looking through my mother's closet and always had a suggestion about what she should wear. I loved when she had a party to attend and she would wear sequins and bright colors. Even today, I am captivated by ornamental pieces.

NYLAURENT: How did you start styling?

MC: After college, I worked at a small music production company in Hollywood. I did everything from answer the phones to run the artists' myspace pages. Whenever the artist had a live appearance or photoshoot I would ask to help with their "imaging". I didn't even know that styling was a job! I received a lot of great feedback and decided to pursue styling as a career. I landed an internship with a Celebrity Stylist and never looked back.

NYLAURENT: What do you like most about your job?

MC: I love the transformation process. Whether I'm styling a client for the red carpet or a model for an editorial, I love watching the person become this glamorous, 2.0 version of themselves. You can see their confidence rise and it's amazing to be a part of it.

NYLAURENT: What are the biggest misconceptions that people have about styling?

MC: Most people don't realize how much work goes into the looks that they see. They see a beautiful picture in a magazine but don't know I had to promise my first born for that dress, lol. The footwork to make that picture happen is not glamorous at all. Shlepping garment bags, going to fedex, returning all the items. There is a lot of prep and time involved for every project.

NYLAURENT: Do you work with magazines often?

MC: Yes, I am a contributing Fashion Editor to different magazines like L'Officiel Australia and The Wrap, but I am also the Senior Fashion Editor at A BOOK OF magazine, based here in LA. I love being able to shape the fashion direction of the magazine and as a black woman it is so important to have a platform and a voice in this industry.

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