Reinventing Flea Market Culture


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Introducing the NyLaurent Experience!

Its no secret that brick & mortar retail is dying a slow death. Online retail fashion is a oversaturated beast that is only projected to move even faster. We enjoy the experience of actually trying on the wardrobe and catching a Vibe from the ambiance of a store. So it was a no-brainer to create a captivating shopping experience and take it to the consumer. Millennial’s spend a huge chunk of cash on having a good time, so its only natural that we bring the fun and fashion to them!

NyLaurent has re-invented the mundane Flea Market aesthetic into a Fascinating destination for Pop-culture TasteMakers. In Partnership with Melrose Trading Post, the Traveling 70’s Disco Lounge is an exciting destination featuring cool girl fashion and Music from @LondynDouglas @ShopTheClub .

Come catch a Vibe at the next 70’s Disco Party all Summer 2019!

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Let us bring the experience to your next outdoor Market or Event.

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