McDonalds NAILED this Branded Fashion Look!

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 5.31.21 PM.png

McDonalds is not afraid to shoot their shot at Branded Fashion. Edgy yet relevant fashion designs used in Food and Fashion collaborations create a bride to organic impressions. Fashion is expressionism and can portray a brand in a revered or desperate light. The secret is to work with trend-setting Stylists & Designers who have a strong pules on aesthetic specific fashion trends. We have seen some interesting takes on how this iconic yellow, white & red color pallet organically blends into the fashion world, yet it’s a slippery slope to Branded Fashion success.

Gucci Sunglasses, a redesigned 1970’s McDonalds uniform and classic Happy Meal box as the purse couldn’t be more perfect! We can clearly see the McDonald branding without hamburgers and french-fries in a predictable toss print T-Shirt.

Awesome take on Branded Fashion.