Social Media Art Instillations at Candy Conventions should be a no-brainer…. good thing NyLaurent was on the Sweetarts Team

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Photograph: NyLaurent

While perusing the Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago, it was mind blowing to see the immense opportunity to merge inventive, emotion provoking Social Media moments that spark action from the attendees. NyLaurent was extremely successful at achieving this goal through custom Art Instillations. We simply used the fun, colorful aesthetic of the Sweetarts brand, ideated around the available space and developed an exciting concept that significantly increased foot traffic through the branded booth.

NyLaurent CEO Nyleve Henry has extensive experience within CPG Supply Chain operations and experienced the link between Marketing and the velocity of candy sales. With thousands of Sugar brands competing for the same Market Share, the infusion of Art, Fashion & Music into Content Campaigns is a strategic way to increase intrinsic value.

NyLaurent plans to organically merge more CPG Brands into trending Social Digital conversations centered around Fashion, Art & Music. We are super exited to create a bridge for CPG Brands to cross over into a demographic of consumers waiting to be inspired by the iconic brands we have grown to love over the decades. Subscribe for more updates…

Donuts, Donuts, Donuts.... An Unconventional Work of Art

Photography: NyLaurent

Donuts are a quintessential staple to American cuisine. From gourmet offerings that infuse culinary expertise, to the corner shops that sell Donuts and Chineese food combos for $5.99, essentially donuts are consumed by everyone! 10 Billion eaten annually to be exact.

We decided to take this American staple and create donut designs that represent the mergence of Fashion and Art. Inspired by Dunkin Donuts Brand, we hope to embolden others through unconventional methods of artistic expression.