"The Culture" : 8/8/19 : Pop-Culture Fusion between Los Angeles & Tokyo




8:00 - 11:30 PM



As a Pop Culture TasteMaker in Los Angeles, “The Culture” is intended to connect Tokyo Emerging Artists to the Los Angeles Fashion & Entertainment Industry.

We are providing the opportunity for Fashion and Entertainment Artists in Tokyo to enter the Los Angeles market.

Join “The Culture”, for cool vibes, great music and necessary business resources.


NyLaurent created an Exclusive Fashion Exhibition for the historical Hollywood Bowl

Fashion has the power to transform any event into a glamorous affair and provoke positive emotions that are scientifically proven to produce serotonin, decrease depression and instantly shift ones mood. WOW! Fashion is a tangible form of Creative Expression that is also a silent identity for Artists.

We created a Fashion Exhibition and 1970’s Disco experience for Hollywood Bowl. Inspired by iconic Female Musicians, attendees were able to wear 70’s Fashion, take photos in-front of a custom Art Instillation made from Vintage records and peruse the Vintage Couture Boutique.

This traveling experience was extremely successful and available for any destination.

The NyLaurent Experiences are customized base on the event theme. If you are interested in a custom Experience, contact us today!



Reinventing Flea Market Culture


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Introducing the NyLaurent Experience!

Its no secret that brick & mortar retail is dying a slow death. Online retail fashion is a oversaturated beast that is only projected to move even faster. We enjoy the experience of actually trying on the wardrobe and catching a Vibe from the ambiance of a store. So it was a no-brainer to create a captivating shopping experience and take it to the consumer. Millennial’s spend a huge chunk of cash on having a good time, so its only natural that we bring the fun and fashion to them!

NyLaurent has re-invented the mundane Flea Market aesthetic into a Fascinating destination for Pop-culture TasteMakers. In Partnership with Melrose Trading Post, the Traveling 70’s Disco Lounge is an exciting destination featuring cool girl fashion and Music from @LondynDouglas @ShopTheClub .

Come catch a Vibe at the next 70’s Disco Party all Summer 2019!

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Let us bring the experience to your next outdoor Market or Event.

Contact us: Info@NyLaurent.com

Q1 2019 Look-Book ----- NyLaurent Fashion Showroom

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NyLaurent Fashion Showroom

Q1 2019 Look Book

The NyLaurent Fashion Showroom in Los Angeles, CA is a key wardrobe resource for talented creatives to brings any vision to life. Wardrobe available for pulls & rental.

Email Client Services for all enquiries. Info@NyLaurent.com

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Customization also available!

Donuts, Donuts, Donuts.... An Unconventional Work of Art

Photography: NyLaurent

Donuts are a quintessential staple to American cuisine. From gourmet offerings that infuse culinary expertise, to the corner shops that sell Donuts and Chineese food combos for $5.99, essentially donuts are consumed by everyone! 10 Billion eaten annually to be exact.

We decided to take this American staple and create donut designs that represent the mergence of Fashion and Art. Inspired by Dunkin Donuts Brand, we hope to embolden others through unconventional methods of artistic expression.