"The Culture" : 8/8/19 : Pop-Culture Fusion between Los Angeles & Tokyo




8:00 - 11:30 PM



As a Pop Culture TasteMaker in Los Angeles, “The Culture” is intended to connect Tokyo Emerging Artists to the Los Angeles Fashion & Entertainment Industry.

We are providing the opportunity for Fashion and Entertainment Artists in Tokyo to enter the Los Angeles market.

Join “The Culture”, for cool vibes, great music and necessary business resources.


Jack's House of Crunch - Los Angeles Pop-up - Was it a bust?

Jack in the Box fast-food restaurant created a Los Angeles pop-up shop highlighting all the sensations we should experience while eating the new chicken tenders.

We visited the Pop-up and needless to say, it looks more fun in pictures. The huge chicken tender was definitely the focal point of the space. The room felt empty and nothing provoked a “WOW” emotion. We are lucky in Los Angeles to have such a wide range of influential talent, although, its not sustainable for business to rely solely on paid impressions because organic impressions are a true sign of an effective content campaign. Paid influencer posts are easy, yet diverting more of the budget into inventive yet cost effective multidimentional experiences will provoke consumers authentic engagement.

The fusion of tangible creativity that portrays the brand messaging is difficult, yet extremely effective!

Checkout the hash tag #JacksHouseOfCrunch and tell us what you think.

NyLaurent created an Exclusive Fashion Exhibition for the historical Hollywood Bowl

Fashion has the power to transform any event into a glamorous affair and provoke positive emotions that are scientifically proven to produce serotonin, decrease depression and instantly shift ones mood. WOW! Fashion is a tangible form of Creative Expression that is also a silent identity for Artists.

We created a Fashion Exhibition and 1970’s Disco experience for Hollywood Bowl. Inspired by iconic Female Musicians, attendees were able to wear 70’s Fashion, take photos in-front of a custom Art Instillation made from Vintage records and peruse the Vintage Couture Boutique.

This traveling experience was extremely successful and available for any destination.

The NyLaurent Experiences are customized base on the event theme. If you are interested in a custom Experience, contact us today!



Adidas designed an Exclusive Arizona Ice Tea sneaker and it created a Frenzy!!

The Power of Pop-Culture can bring strategic Brand Awareness to any Consumer Package Good. The iconic Arizona Ice Tea has always been a staple within American convenient stores. With increased competition in the Food & Beverage category, established brands are looking to “unconventional” ways to maintain sales velocity.

We agree that the shoes are super cute and definitely trend-worth. The sneakers were sold for $.99 - same price as the drink - created a frenzy in the streets of SoHo New York that wasn’t anticipated. With such a lucrative re-sale sneaker industry, Arizona was practically giving away $$$.

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Monica Cargile - Senior Fashion Editor for "A BOOK OF" magazine


NyLaurent Wardrobe featured in VULKAN Magazine, styled by Senior Fashion Editor Monica Cargile.

Checkout Monica’s take on styling misconceptions and her journey to becoming a Senior Fashion Editor…

NYLAURENT: Did you always have a love for clothing and a desire to be in the fashion industry?

MC: Not at all, lol! I actually wanted to be a Psychologist when I was younger. Since hind sight is 20/20, I do look back and realize that I always had an eye for fashion though. As a child, I would love looking through my mother's closet and always had a suggestion about what she should wear. I loved when she had a party to attend and she would wear sequins and bright colors. Even today, I am captivated by ornamental pieces.

NYLAURENT: How did you start styling?

MC: After college, I worked at a small music production company in Hollywood. I did everything from answer the phones to run the artists' myspace pages. Whenever the artist had a live appearance or photoshoot I would ask to help with their "imaging". I didn't even know that styling was a job! I received a lot of great feedback and decided to pursue styling as a career. I landed an internship with a Celebrity Stylist and never looked back.

NYLAURENT: What do you like most about your job?

MC: I love the transformation process. Whether I'm styling a client for the red carpet or a model for an editorial, I love watching the person become this glamorous, 2.0 version of themselves. You can see their confidence rise and it's amazing to be a part of it.

NYLAURENT: What are the biggest misconceptions that people have about styling?

MC: Most people don't realize how much work goes into the looks that they see. They see a beautiful picture in a magazine but don't know I had to promise my first born for that dress, lol. The footwork to make that picture happen is not glamorous at all. Shlepping garment bags, going to fedex, returning all the items. There is a lot of prep and time involved for every project.

NYLAURENT: Do you work with magazines often?

MC: Yes, I am a contributing Fashion Editor to different magazines like L'Officiel Australia and The Wrap, but I am also the Senior Fashion Editor at A BOOK OF magazine, based here in LA. I love being able to shape the fashion direction of the magazine and as a black woman it is so important to have a platform and a voice in this industry.

Instagram @monicacargile

Website: www.monicacargile.com

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Reinventing Flea Market Culture


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Introducing the NyLaurent Experience!

Its no secret that brick & mortar retail is dying a slow death. Online retail fashion is a oversaturated beast that is only projected to move even faster. We enjoy the experience of actually trying on the wardrobe and catching a Vibe from the ambiance of a store. So it was a no-brainer to create a captivating shopping experience and take it to the consumer. Millennial’s spend a huge chunk of cash on having a good time, so its only natural that we bring the fun and fashion to them!

NyLaurent has re-invented the mundane Flea Market aesthetic into a Fascinating destination for Pop-culture TasteMakers. In Partnership with Melrose Trading Post, the Traveling 70’s Disco Lounge is an exciting destination featuring cool girl fashion and Music from @LondynDouglas @ShopTheClub .

Come catch a Vibe at the next 70’s Disco Party all Summer 2019!

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Let us bring the experience to your next outdoor Market or Event.

Contact us: Info@NyLaurent.com

Q1 2019 Look-Book ----- NyLaurent Fashion Showroom

IMG_5241 copy.jpg

NyLaurent Fashion Showroom

Q1 2019 Look Book

The NyLaurent Fashion Showroom in Los Angeles, CA is a key wardrobe resource for talented creatives to brings any vision to life. Wardrobe available for pulls & rental.

Email Client Services for all enquiries. Info@NyLaurent.com

Click HERE to access the full look-book

Customization also available!

The Laziest approach to Food & Fashion Campaigns

If there is such a thing as fashion exploitation, this McDonalds line promoting the collaboration with delivery service UberEATS would be it! Creating a textile with screen printed objects is just that. If the intent is to use fashion as a medium to communicate with Fashion enthusiasts, the secret is to tastefully display key brand attributes wile focusing on creating a trend setting design. 

At the NyLaurent Visual Design Agency, we are at the intersection of Food And Fashion. With a deep rooted understanding of  “Path-to-purchase”, consumer shopping habits and trend setting fashion; we will execute a #FoodAndFashion campaign guaranteed to send a memorable message to both Food and Fashion enthusiasts. 


Tori Cawley - Visionary Photographer creating through a lens of Fantasy & Strangeness


Tori Cawley

Visionary Photographer creating through a lens of Fantasy and Strangeness

Photograph: Tori Cawley

The photographer behind the lens of most NyLaurent #FoodAndFashion Content, Tori Cawley’s photography style is an interesting mix of Fantasy and Eccentric elements that distinctly sets the presidency for imaginative landscape.

Learn more about what inspires Tori….

What inspired you to become a photographer?

 Creating things from scratch has always been a pleasure of mine. I never quite mastered drawing the human form so when I discovered that I could still create the images in my head by compositing photos I was hooked. I started creating collages with the photos I took and it grew from there.  

What makes your photography distinctive? 

 For me, sometimes reality just isn't enough, I like to bring an element of fantasy and strangeness to all of my photos, whether it be creepy or light-hearted. Even my self-portraits are eccentric versions of myself that I imagine live in parallel universes.  

Who are other photographers that inspire you? 

 Nadia Lee Cohen, hands down my favorite for her exaggerated yet elegant aesthetic and her satire of American lifestyles. Tim Walker is an amazing storyteller and brings amazing fantasy worlds to life. Lastly, I am always inspired by the sci-fi & mixed media that Dana Trippe brings to life. 

How do you plan on using photography to step into the next evolution for life? 

 My latest project is creating an online magazine platform to interview and appreciate up and coming photographers with an underground style. As a photographer and art lover myself, I think getting to see into the brilliant minds of the people who create art that moves us is just as important as seeing their photos. So my hopes are that my photography will help me launch this project and bring light to other amazing artists of all mediums and create a community


White Castle contributes to Justice Fund through sales of Branded Merchandise

Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 11.43.47 AM.png

Photograph: Liz Barclay

White Castle partners with Telfar, established 2005 in New York to create unique Branded Merchandise worn by all 10,000 White Castle employees and sold Internationally. 100% of the proceeds going towards the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Liberty And Justice fund, to help pay bail for minors held on Rikers Island.

White Castle restaurants are predominately located in low income communities which is considered home to a large percentage of incarcerated youth. We applaud White Castle for supporting humanitarian efforts that severely impact the younger generations in these communities.

Great Job White Castle. Read more by clicking HERE