Food, Fashion and Trash: A Beautiful yet Sustainable Collaboration

A model proves pizza and cars can be high fashion.

A model proves pizza and cars can be high fashion.

Bridging a Gap Between Food and Fashion

NyLaurent Visual Design Agency is creating beauty with zero carbon footprint by combining traditional waste and redesigned vintage fashion

Model proves even broken down cars can be high fashion

Model proves even broken down cars can be high fashion

Most wouldn’t equate food with fashion, but the two worlds do intersect and have more in common than previously thought.

Food and fashion are the two industries that every consumer interacts with on a daily basis. Pulling creative inspiration from the two worlds with the objective to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of our capitalistic consumption is necessary to create change. Art can be inspired by natural elements especially when incorporating couture and thought provoking fashion.

This is the big picture: Everyone needs to feed themselves and everyone needs to clothe themselves. The source of where food and clothes come from DO matter and are related to issues with sustainability and environmentalism.

NyLaurent Visual Design Agency specializes in zero carbon footprint photoshoots geared towards marketing and staying true to a brand’s aesthetic while maintaining ethical standards. The CEO, Nyleve Henry wants to spark discussion and create more awareness on how food and clothing are mixed with culture and hopes to reduce environmental impact.

Pepperoni compliments the model’s custom NyLaurent design

Pepperoni compliments the model’s custom NyLaurent design

In a recent carbon footprint free photoshoot, Henry and her team utilized food and rubble as accessories while maintaining a high fashion profile, bringing the subjects closer together. Set in a junkyard with models eating pizza and posing in custom designs, Henry proves that beauty is found everywhere, and people can upcycle materials to create something new, edgy, dynamic and inspiring.

The process of manufacturing fabrics for clothes, growing crops and raising cattle for food is a cause of major pollutants. The use of pesticides causes harm in the form of runoff when wastewater is deposited into rivers, oceans or lakes. Clearing land for cattle and feed destroy forests and other valuable ecosystems. Cotton farming alone is responsible for a quarter of all pesticides used in the United States. With so much going on, consumers are becoming more aware and opting for more ethical methods of eating and dressing.

In a previous article, we stated that sustainability is a rising trend. People are taking action and responsibility for creating a more green future.

It is possible to eat well, look great and feel amazing. For people who want to share their own methods of sustainable eating and dressing or to schedule a carbon footprint free photo shoot email

A model looks ready to work creating a high fashion and couture image

A model looks ready to work creating a high fashion and couture image

Maintain a High Fashion Profile Without the Carbon Footprint

high fashion meets plastic

NyLaurent Visual Design Agency utilized common plastics and other materials to create a carbon footprint free photoshoot.

Model amid plastic and cardboard

Recycling Materials to Create High Fashion

Proving beauty can be found anywhere, NyLaurent Visual Design Agency showcases how materials found on the street can be upcycled to create a chic backdrop

use on blog 3.jpg

Editorial fashion and styles have reached a bold and new way of marketing business. Utilizing recycled materials to create imaginative content is a great alternative when looking to creatively express a brand aesthetic without contributing to the carbon footprint.

Ethical and sustainable fashion trends have increased in wake of an impending climate crisis. One of the world’s biggest pollutants is the textile industry, and although a hunger for something new and exciting to wear is nothing to be ashamed of, the consumer should still be aware of the detrimental effects that fast fashion has on the environment.

According to a study done by the UN Partnership on Sustainable Fashion, nearly 20 percent of wastewater and 10 percent of carbon emissions globally can be contributed to fast fashion.

However, consumers are starting to notice the issues and take action. It doesn’t take much to incorporate green into someone’s everyday life.

 NyLaurent Visual Design Agency is an innovative agency dedicated to embracing fashion, style and pop culture while remaining as sustainable and ethical as possible with a carbon neutral mission.

CEO Nyleve Henry is reinventing pop culture and creating innovative wardrobe that reaches beyond the limitations of modern design which creates new practices circled around environmentalism and zero carbon emissions.

NyLaurent Visual Design Agency creates campaigns, executes photo shoots and organizes events by staying true to brand aesthetic and creating authentic stories with compelling images.

Henry hopes to inspire and spark discussion on a more sustainable but still aesthetic future. The dialogue starts with education and inspiring others to waste less and recycle more.

Opportunities to see beauty are everywhere.

In a recent photo shoot, focused on zero carbon emission, Henry and her team took to the streets of Los Angeles and found plastic bottles and netting to incorporate into a high fashion profile.

“There are already enough resources on this planet to create beautiful art”, Henry said. “We can create fashion from recycled textiles and redesign vintage”.

Fashion and marketing can be bold new and innovative while incorporating recycled materials that aren’t traditionally so.

For those wanting to join the discussion or to schedule an appointment to organize a carbon neutral photoshoot, email

Model amid sea of plastic showcasing harm to the environment

Model amid sea of plastic showcasing harm to the environment

Model with cardboard boxes proving recyclables can be high fashion

Model with cardboard boxes proving recyclables can be high fashion

Celebrating Serena Williams WHEATIES box launch at New York Fashion Week #NYFW

Serena Williams had 2019 fashion week on fire! Launching a collection flattering many body types, communicating a message of strength, perseverance and her authentic Tennis DNA. 

Williams has created a cult fashion following for women who turn doubt into confidence and fear into courage. Serena is styling unflinching women of all colors and sizes with confidence to concur the world and break traditions. 

In celebration of Serena Williams getting her own WHEATIES Cereal Box, WHEATIES Cereal featured a photo-booth at the fashion show location for anyone to simulate the cover photo of the WHEATIES Cereal box. Food and Fashion is becoming prevalent amongst common social ground. In this case, Sports. 

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Barilla Pasta X GCDS - Family Values - Italian To The Core

GCDS, AKA “God Can’t Destroy Street-wear” and Barilla Pasta are both Family owned & operated Italian companies who take pride in authentic Italian messaging. Truly an organic fit, GCSD most coveted for its ironic graphics, memorable slogans, and unexpected capsule collections; Barilla Pasta an iconic Italian brand to match the same values, morals and cultural nuances. Perfect alignment with a twist of couture, culture and creative expression. Blending perfectly with the strategic movers of the Pop-Art realm. 

Perfect example of how two brands from polar industries merger to create the standard for Food & Fashion collaborations.

Barilla Pasta owes much of its success to the instantly recognizable texture, taste and density of their pasta. Parallel to GCSD upholding the powerful reputation of Made-In-Italy fashion brands. 

Click HERE to purchase the full collection. 

McDonalds NAILED this Branded Fashion Look!

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 5.31.21 PM.png

McDonalds is not afraid to shoot their shot at Branded Fashion. Edgy yet relevant fashion designs used in Food and Fashion collaborations create a bride to organic impressions. Fashion is expressionism and can portray a brand in a revered or desperate light. The secret is to work with trend-setting Stylists & Designers who have a strong pules on aesthetic specific fashion trends. We have seen some interesting takes on how this iconic yellow, white & red color pallet organically blends into the fashion world, yet it’s a slippery slope to Branded Fashion success.

Gucci Sunglasses, a redesigned 1970’s McDonalds uniform and classic Happy Meal box as the purse couldn’t be more perfect! We can clearly see the McDonald branding without hamburgers and french-fries in a predictable toss print T-Shirt.

Awesome take on Branded Fashion.

Astronomical amount of impressions for #Cheetos ... one key element missing!?

Cheetos takes the cake for strategically placing brand attributes in every place possible, and had the potential to be a social media phenomenon, one major thing missing…. the FASHION DESIGNS on the runway. They were definitely cute and very well thought out for a social media campaign to promote the #NYFW experience. Yet the Runway Fashion is for extravagantly relevant yet inventive and comfortable designs for the Winter Season. Experimenting with fashion on new levels is NECESSARY when creating a spectacle and main attraction.

Super fine line between Industry appropriation and genuinely supporting the art of Fashion Design. Effective design come from Inception. Inception is the follicle of all ideas and concepts, which is necessary for maximum outreach.

Fulvio Bonavia: Food & 'High-Fashion' photography Pioneer

When it comes to food and fashion, award-winning Editorial Photographer, Fulvio Bonavia created a book named “A matter of taste”, a bespoke way of uniting the conflicting worlds of “Food & High Fashion”.  Through the use of great lighting, illustration, transparency and retouching, these pieces have an undeniable style of their own that project a priceless quality only seen before in exceptional pieces from a museum. If High-end fashion garments and accessories could sustain food being the main construction material, it would look exactly like the images Fulvio Bonavia captured. Walnut dress by Louis Vuitton, lettuce dress by Alexander McQueen, Citrus by Prada, just to name a few…. 

Published in 2012, yet timeless expressions of Food and Fashion.

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T-Shirts... The No-Brainer in Food & Fashion Branded Merchandise

Everyone loves a good T-Shirt, no frills, no whistles, just a basic T-shirt. Many successful brands were started as a T-shirt lifestyle brand and have since use their ‘Mission’ to earn recognition. T-shirts are also the 1st option companies think of when wanting to invest in tangible marketing tools. Food & Fashion, the two necessities in life, offer a fun and inventive platform to design effective T-Shirt messaging and a fresh take on branded merchandise. “Shake Shack x Highsnobiety”, “McDonald’s x Colette”, and “Stussy x Plan Check” are just a few of those collaborations that highlight the food brand as well as the fashion designer.

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Sicily's Most Popular Foods Inspire 2017 Dolce & Gabbana "Tropico Italiano"

Fashion Weeks is an exciting time to showcase creative expressionism in every aesthetic. The quick 20 minute show is literally the culmination of tireless nights, strategizing, planning, then executing a themed vision with the hopes that fashion consumers understand and want to own a piece of it. No matter the industry, every person interacts with Food & Fashion on a daily bases, Dolce & Gabbana built a billion-dollar luxury business based on a cinematic dream of Sicily. Which makes “Tropico Italiano” even more special because some of Sicily favorite foods were references in the designs.

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